Monday, February 14, 2011

Worming, Parceling and Serving

Happy Valentine's Day,

Worming, Parceling and Serving:
Today our class talked about safety, and the proper use of the equipment in the shop. We learned how to use the band-saw. and we are also learning how to splice, and make grommets for the boat’s rigging. We are also learning how to do worming (which is putting thin line into the groves of the rope), parcel, and serving. Parceling is wrapping the rope in pine tar soaked canvas (friction tape). and serving is wrapping it in tarred marlin. So far the class has been going pretty well, the rope working is pretty fun but its gets pretty confusing.
Student Shipwright,
Jared Gilliam

Band saw and Oars:
Today our class learned about safety and how to be safe working with equipment. Then we heard some stories about cutting yourself and going straight to one of the teachers and they will help you from there. The basic things you need to know on the band-saw is that the turn on button is on the side and it will say start. To start it obviously and to turn it off it will say off. Today, we have been working with the band-saw. We have just been cutting little chunks of our oars to get a precise piece of our oars. I like working on stuff in this class and when I am done I feel good about myself.
Student Shipwright,
Colby Dauphin

Below are some samples of the homework, which was to make a key chain from the left over rope from the making of the grommet making. Great job Seamus, Dylan, Kelsey, Kate, Jeremy, Will and Patti

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