Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Many Projects in a Shortened Class

Today we reviewed safety. One tip is to never have anything hanging from your neck when using power tools. We were told to always use safety glasses to keep dust out of your eyes. We learned about worming, serving, and parceling, which all has to do ropes for rigging. Things are starting to get better day by day. We are starting to get more comfortable with every thing.
Student Shipwright
Dusan Martinovic

We did a safety review today. We put two oars and glued then together and we put clamps on them so they would stay together.
Student Shipwright,
Koty Elwell

Today was a shortened class, which I personally hate because it goes way too fast. As I looked around today, the students were all busy on many projects from beginning a movie "How to Make a Grommet", grommet making and worming, to oar making. The students and staff are feeling more comfortable with the work to be done and getting it accomplished.

Responsibility is such a huge piece when working on a team project such as this. Everyone needs to take responsibility for getting their part of the project completed and all parts need to be very high quality.

Congrats to Jon and Dusan for getting their knot homework completed.
Patti Irish
Media Specialist

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