Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last Minute Details

Today is the third to the last day. Jared, Colby, Dusan, and Ormen worked on the oars. Wesley, John, Cody and Justin worked on tying the mast to Will’s car, which will be taken to the Freight Shed. Kate and Seamus worked on gluing the attachments to the lee boards. Dylan worked on the rudder and Will helped. Patti Irish and Mary Chapin work on figuring out the permission slips for us to go the the Freight Shed on Friday and Tuesday and details for the summer project. Shelby and I worked on taking pictures and video. I think that’s everyone. We worked on cleaning up and moving out also. On Friday, we will be moving the shallop and rigging to the Freight Shed.
Rigging and Video Student,
Kelsey Brick

Monday, June 6, 2011

Rudder, Lee Boards and Rigging the Mast

Today we took the rudder and chiseled out slots for pieces so that it could be connected to the shallop. Then we put holes in the lee boards so that we pull them in and out of the water. We filled the holes with epoxy so the bolts would not loosen. Others worked on the oars. Jon wrapped a foot section of the mast with rope. A lot of rigging on the mast has been done.
Student Shipbuilder,
Dylan Crowell

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Today we drilled some holes in the boat for the pegs. The pegs are the handles that we hold on to in case we roll over. I put little wood pieces on the spar, which hold the rope on the spar. Next class, we are going to rig the boat up and put the mast in the mast step.
Rigging Student,
Jon Brooks

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mast Stand

Today Colby, Dusan, Jared, and I worked on sanding the oars to make them round and smooth so they can glide through the water. Jon, Cody, and Justin are working on the mast and they keep going down to the shallop "Jane Stevens" to see if the mast’s stand fits in the boat. Brandon, Kate, Seamus, and Dylan are working on the rudder and the sprit. Today is a work day because the school year is almost over and we are trying to make everything perfect and make sure the mast stand fits in the shallop.
Rigging Student,
Shelby Martel

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Movie, Mast Shoulder, Oars, and Lee Boards

Today we continued our work on planing the oars. Justin, Cody, and Jon were working on building a stand for the masts and rounding out the top. Wesley is still working on the sprite because he's is cutting it to fit a stand. Kate, Dylan, and Seamus are working on lee boards. Dusan, Colby, Jared, Ormond, and I were working on planing the oars down to the right size and circular index. Patti, Mrs. Chapin, and Kelsey were working on finishing the movie. Kelsey's movie on Worming, Serving and Parceling is below. Mrs. Weston and Will were supervising and helping people out.
Student Shipbuilder,
Shelby Martel

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lead for Ballast

Some people are sanding and planing the oars. John and Cody were working on the mast. Others were filling the holes and taking the tape off the lead. They also were grinding down the lead that was for the lee board. The lead is for ballast.

Shipbuilder Cody

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mast Head and Lee Boards

Today, we finished one of the lee boards. Some people were working on oars and some of us were cutting a shoulder into the mast head. I think this project finally looks like it is getting somewhere!!! People are starting to work much better together.
Shipbuilding Student,
Brandon Votra