Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Finish Laying out Oar Boards and Grommet Handles

Rigging Group:
Today we worked on grommets. All of us, as a group went over how to make a grommet. I started to take some video to begin a movie called, "How to Make a 17th Century Grommet". We went step by step on how to make them. It made a lot more sense today than it did last week. Even today, the second day, the grommets look a lot better.
Student Shipbuilder

Oar Group:
How to Cut Out an Oar
First, you have to measure out where the six inches is on each end of the board, so that you can make two oars out of one piece of wood. Then you have to start making the general look of the oar such as where it tapers down and back up and where the handle is.
Student Shipbuilder

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