Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Movie, Mast Shoulder, Oars, and Lee Boards

Today we continued our work on planing the oars. Justin, Cody, and Jon were working on building a stand for the masts and rounding out the top. Wesley is still working on the sprite because he's is cutting it to fit a stand. Kate, Dylan, and Seamus are working on lee boards. Dusan, Colby, Jared, Ormond, and I were working on planing the oars down to the right size and circular index. Patti, Mrs. Chapin, and Kelsey were working on finishing the movie. Kelsey's movie on Worming, Serving and Parceling is below. Mrs. Weston and Will were supervising and helping people out.
Student Shipbuilder,
Shelby Martel

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