Monday, May 2, 2011

Busy Monday

Today is the first Monday of May. It’s a busy day in the shop. Everyone is working and talking. It’s loud, but it’s the sound of hard work taking place. Cody and Justin are working on power planing the mast. Colby and Jeremy are working on eight siding the sprit. Dylan is working on making the mast step, that’s what helps the mast attach to the Shallop. Kate, Jared and Dusan is working on rigging. Wesley and Orman are working on oars. Seamus and Brandon are working on the lee boards that are to help the Shallop balance. Will West is working on answering any and all the questions we have no matter how many times the same person asks them.
Patti Irish and Mrs. Chapin are trying to work out possible problems with voting for the Maine's First Ship Pepsi Refresh Grant. Shelby and I have been working on taking pictures. Mrs. Gassiline is a substitute for the day, I don’t really know how much she knows about what’s going on, but she’s doing a great job. Mr. Varney is working on helping our school vote for the Pepsi Refresh Grant money to go toward the building of the Virginia. It’s been a pretty productive day all together.
Shipbuilding Student,
Kelsey Brick

PS. We need your help in voting daily for the $50,000 Grant. See above for links.

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