Monday, August 23, 2010

Visit from WCSH6 and frames

Today, we had a special visitor. He is Don Carrigan, from WCSH6. He is doing a story about the Shallop Project. The crew arrived around 10:00 and stayed for the rest of the work day. Mr. Carrigan also interviewed some of the kids and volunteers. Today, we glued some more body frames together. The frames were cut into small pieces, so the frame would be curved. We also worked on planing the stern post. It was too wide before we planed it. Some of us worked on carving oars into the right shape. We had a lot of visitors come in to the workshop. They seemed to be interested with the project. To see the video WCSH6 made click here.
Maine's First Ship Student,
Peter Kosakowski

--Matt interviewed Don Carrigan for a new "Careers" project he is working on with Eric Varney for the freshman's first day of school 2010 at Morse High School.

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