Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oars, Frames and Flyers

Today there were several continuations on what was happening yesterday. A couple of people were working on oars, including myself. A couple of people were putting flyers in businesses to advertise our shallop, and most of the others were working on the frames, part of the structure of the boat. We also had a special guest come over to talk with us and interview us. Jim Moulton who works with the Maine Laptop Technology Initiative (MLTI) came.

In the oar making, we were either chiseling away on the oar in places where the plane can't reach or planing to make the surface of the oar smoother, since it is rather rough after going through the bandsaw. The two people putting up flyers were going around the area and asking store owners if they could put up the advertisements. They started out with twenty and finished with three, and two of those are going up somewhere, probably on Monday. We found out towards the end of the day that we needed to make 5 to 8 more half-models for the top donors of money.
Maine's First Ship Student
Wesley Blum

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