Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Planing Pine

Today in the boat shop, we started planing pieces of pine that were donated by Mr. and Mrs. Ingmundsen of Woolwich, who had it milled after it was struck by lightning in their yard. We have planed it 3/4 inches thick on the thickness planer so we can make our molds.

There are certain steps you have to go through to plane your pieces of wood. You start out by telling everybody to put their ear protection on and check your surroundings. (So you do not trip over anything.) Then you get your piece of wood ready to send through the thickness planer with help from other workers. Then you are finished and are ready to make a part for the mold.
What some of us are doing is: cutting the pieces on the bandsaw to make the shape of the mold, planing the wood to the line making sure to leave the line, and also sanding it to make it smooth.
Fortunately, there are only two people working on their half models now. What they are doing is using tools like: files, chisels, planes and sand paper to finish their half model and back board. So far, everything is going GREAT!

Written by
Mike Corbett,

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