Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last Minute Details

Today is the third to the last day. Jared, Colby, Dusan, and Ormen worked on the oars. Wesley, John, Cody and Justin worked on tying the mast to Will’s car, which will be taken to the Freight Shed. Kate and Seamus worked on gluing the attachments to the lee boards. Dylan worked on the rudder and Will helped. Patti Irish and Mary Chapin work on figuring out the permission slips for us to go the the Freight Shed on Friday and Tuesday and details for the summer project. Shelby and I worked on taking pictures and video. I think that’s everyone. We worked on cleaning up and moving out also. On Friday, we will be moving the shallop and rigging to the Freight Shed.
Rigging and Video Student,
Kelsey Brick