Friday, March 18, 2011

Making a Square Oar Round and Grommet Movie

Animated Movie
Today, I worked more on the step-by-step video on how to make a grommet. I’ve been taking lots of picture as I make the grommet. The line was three different colors so it will be easier to see what exactly I am doing. The way we are making the videos is not with actual film, it’s just pictures. To learn how to make a grommet is very easy. The only hard thing about what I’m doing is taking good pictures. Patti Irish is very helpful to the process of making the videos. The other people that are working on rope stuff, are still worming, serving, and parceling. It’s takes a long time to do that. It’s nice though because as they do it, they talk a lot!
Student Shipwright,
Kelsey Brick

Rounding an Oar
Right now we are trying to turn a square oar into a round oar. There are many things that our group has to do to get the oar round:
1. At first, we have to 8- side the oar. We use a compass and draw circles. Then we use a 45 degree angle and where the line touches the oar that's were we put our mark. We do that on all the sides. Then we use a straight edge and connect them together. After that we plane down to the lines. We then have 8 sides.
2. After that we use the same method to 16-side it. We draw all the circles and connect the lines again. Then we plane it all down.
3. After all that is done we sand it all round and smooth. That is how you round out a oar.
Student Shipwright,
Dylan Crowell

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